Finishing a basement is one of the best ways to expand the living space of your home. Only dry basements qualify for finishing. A dehumidifier is effective for minor moisture issues, but more significant water problems require installation of a waterproofing system (French drain with Sump Pump) prior basement finishing.

Basement Finishing Tips

  • It is recommended to have a secondary heat source controlled by a separate thermostat such as: baseboard electric heaters or floor warming system.
  • It is vital to use the appropriate lumber for walls. Bottom 2x4, which sits on the floor, should be pressure treated lumber to prevent moisture leaching up from the concrete floor. Remaining wall structure is made up of standard wood lumber.
  • A best practice for finishing basement ceilings is to use mildew and mold resistant drywall or with acoustic tile ceiling which provides easy access to electric, gas, water, or TV cable lines.

We can create a space designed to fit your needs with custom layout, lighting, flooring, plus much more... your imagination is the only limitation.

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